During level 3 and level 4, we will be providing online physiotherapy. 

How much is an online physiotherapy consult?

Fortunately ACC are still covering online physiotherapy. 

Our charges are

ACC online consult               $30

Private initial consult           $70

Private follow-up                  $40

If you are having financial hardship at the moment, please talk to us and we will do our best to accommodate the current situation

How does online physiotherapy work?

We are using video calling (ie. Zoom) for our online physio.  If you don't have access to a computer with a camera/microphone then we are also able to use telephone for some situations.

Is online physiotherapy effective?

We have been doing online consults since the start of level 4 and so far we have found them to be as effective as in-person consults.  Obviously we are unable to provide any hands on treatment or assessment, but the model we use has adapted well to online consults.  We are able to use testing and questions to determine what is going on, and then prescribe effective exercises for your problem. 



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