• Bachelor of Physiotherapy (2004)

  • Post graduate certificate in Western Acupuncture (2010)

  • Certificate in Functional Diagnostic Nutrition (2011)

  • Post graduate training in Manual Therapy (2014)

  • Post graduate certificate in Human Nutrition (Massey, 2018)

Marcel is passionate about helping others improve their health and become the best versions of themselves. Through his own health and pain challenges, he has been guided to learn about how the body works on a deeper level.

After taking his health for granted through his younger years, the wheels started to fall off when he started his physiotherapy career in Tauranga.  Fatigue, anxiety and eczema were just some the issues that he was dealing with. He would finish work and just want to go to bed- not great fun for Julia (his wife) who had just started dating him! 

This has led both Marcel and Julia to intensively study (and live) the foundational principles of nutrition, sleep, managing stress and exercise.  This made a huge impact on their health,  but things still weren't quite there.  His next step was to learn Functional Diagnostic Nutrition which uses functional medicine testing to uncover the underlying causes of chronic health issues.  His own testing uncovered some significant gut problems, as well as a chronic viral infection which was shutting down his mitochondria (energy factories in cell) and causing the chronic fatigue.  Being able to uncover this has been a key to restoring his energy.

On top of his general health issues, Marcel has had his share of pain.  While other health areas were improving, his niggly back and neck pain which he had experienced on and off developed into a persistent headaches- which made daily life quite challenging.  He had spent about 4 year seeing different physios, osteos and chiropractors, as well as doing exercises at home.  There were some improvements with treatment, but overall the headaches kept returning and affecting his life to the point he considered changing careers.  The turning point for his pain challenges was discovering the Postural Restoration Institute, and subsequently the physio approach of Zac Cupples and Bill Hartman.  Their unique approach aims to restore balance to a naturally asymmetrical body, and has a big focus on breathing correctly.  After doing their courses, and applying the principles he was finally able to take control of his pain, and has found applying this approach to his physiotherapy practice has had amazing approach with his clients as well.

Marcel continues to learn.  He has recently completed a certificate in Human Nutrition through Massey University, and is undergoing mentorship with Zac Cupples ( who has worked as a physiotherapist in the NBA and has spent over $100000 on courses in the last 7 years to refine his amazing approach.

Marcel lives in Mount Maunganui with his wife, Julia, and two daughters- Flo and Mabel.  He enjoys surfing and loves getting to the beach with his family as much as they can.