Building YOUR D.R.E.A.M  Health

We have developed the  D.R.E.A.M Health model to illustrate how we go about improving your health. This can be applied to any health issue big or small,  and is also helpful for improving recovery from injury or chronic pain.

Imagine building your dream house.  A lot of planning and thought would go into it,  and the whole process takes some time. The same applies to building your health. This process is unique to you and your health issues, but there are some principles that apply to everyone.  Below is a diagram and explanation about the process

1.  Setting your goals

This is the first, and one of the most important steps in building your dream health.  What do you want your health to look like? to feel like? Are there specific things you want to acheive? Whenever possible we will try and identify an emotion behind the goal as well  (ie. I want to have more freedom

2. Laying the D.R.E.A.M Foundation

Whatever your health challenge is,  be it a sprained ankle or chronic fatigue,  the foundational principles for acheiving your goals are the same.  These principles can have a huge impact on healing and can go a long way toward reaching your goals.  In many cases,  if these priniciples are applied well then this is all that is needed.   In more complex cases,  the DREAM foundational principles will help alot but then more advanced testing is needed to progress things

D= DE- STRESS.  We all live wtih stress,  how you are able to effectively manage stress has a huge impact on your health

R= REST.  Sleep, relaxation, get in rhythm with the night and day

E= EAT.  Whole food nutrition that is in the right balance for you- not a one size fits all diet

A= ADD - Basic supplements and testing such as blood testing through your GP

M= MOVE. Exercise, move naturally, breathe, 

These principles can applied to form healthy habits,  which will form the solid foundation to build your health from.

3. Bring your own tools

We can help provide some of the planning and raw materials for building,  but it is you who will have to put this all together, and for that you need tools.  The tools are represented by the yellow arrows pointing toward the house

These include, but are not limited to










4. Advanced testing and protocols

If you have a laid a good foundation and things are still not quite where you want them, then this is a good time to invest in some functional health testing to identify any underlying imbalances in your health.  This testing will depend on your symptoms and presentation,  but some common areas to test are gut imbalances or infections, mineral levels,  heavy metal and detoxification capacity, mitochondrial function and neurotransmitters.  

Once the testing has been done,  the  results will be interpreted and explained to you.  A plan will be developed to improve the imbalances (if found) and continue making progress building your health.

link to testing
5. Maintenance

Once your health has been rebuilt, you will just need to maintain things.  The same you do with your house- things need to be painted, gutters need to be cleared etc.  You will continue applying the D.R.E.A.M Health foundational principles and may continue on some supplements long term.  Retesting can often be a good idea to make sure things are going well and to fine tune a protocol.